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Multi-Room Audio

Dispersed Audio Throughout Your Home

New To NetraClouds Multiroom Audio?

You don’t know what a great joy you’re missing. Bring ease, joy & comfort, all together at your home with NetraClouds. For this, you must experience our Control4 multi-room audio by yourself! We invite you to test our products on trial now & witness the comfort, convenience, peace of mind, and enjoyment a smart home can deliver.

Multi Room Audio

In-wall & Tabletop Touch Screens
Smartphones & Tablets

Your Favorite Music

Playing Your Favorite Music Was not this handy before.

Any Room Every Room

Stream your favorite playlist on full blast through the entire house or enjoy it softly in the kitchen. With high-resolution, multi-room audio from Control4, you can play all of your favorite music everywhere or in just one room—with the touch of a button.

Any Room Every Room

Streaming Music Services

Control4 provides broad choice and on-demand entertainment with the most popular music streaming services, including apps standard on every Control4 system. From Mozart to Metallica, everyone in the family can stream their favorite artists, stations, and playlists .

Streaming Music Services

High-Resolution Difference

Enjoy audio that is powerful, emotional, and memorable. It’s easy to accept a lower quality of sound when you’re on the go—like in the car or at work—but at home you shouldn’t sacrifice quality. Enjoy an emotional experience that a true audiophile would appreciate—with all the detail, timbre, and texture the artist intended.

High-Resolution Difference

Smart Home Magic

Set the perfect scene to relax and really enjoy your music. With one touch or by using a simple voice command, the lights dim, the shades lower, the music starts to play, and the front door locks so you can enjoy the magic. When your music plays nicely with other devices at home, life just got much more enjoyable.

Smart Home Magic
Wired & Wireless Keypads
Handheld Remote

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Netraclouds proudly offer remote & virtual access to control your appliances at your home and office. This feeling of liberty is priceless that a single app can allow you to travel anywhere, anytime without fearing what is left behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi room receiver, also known as a multi zone receiver, divides an audio signal and distributes it to multiple areas or rooms of your home. It typically has multiple built-in amplifiers or channels, allowing you to simultaneously connect and control speakers in various zones.

Yes, wireless surround sound is an excellent addition to your home theater. Many home theater systems now come with wireless surround sound capabilities. Instead of traditional wired speakers, wireless surround sound systems use wireless technology such as Bluetooth, WiFi, or other proprietary wireless protocols to connect the surround sound speakers to the primary audio source, such as a receiver or sound bar.

Wireless surround sound systems offer the advantage of not having to run wires throughout the room, which can be inconvenient and unsightly. Additionally, wireless systems can be more flexible regarding speaker placement, allowing you to place speakers wherever you want without being limited by the length of speaker cables.

It’s important to note that while wireless surround sound systems are convenient, they can also be susceptible to interference and other issues affecting audio quality. Therefore, choosing a reputable manufacturer and following the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal performance is essential because this makes all the difference.

Multi-room or whole-room audio is an intelligent choice if you need to play music in multiple rooms. Below are a few ways you can opt to play music anytime, anywhere.
  • Smart Speakers: Another option is to use smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home. These devices have built-in speakers and can connect to other smart speakers in your home. You can create speaker groups and control music playback using voice commands.
  • Wireless Speakers: One way to play music in multiple rooms is to use wireless speakers connected to your home WiFi network. You can place these speakers in different rooms and use a smartphone or tablet to control them. Some popular options for wireless speakers include Sonos, Bose SoundTouch, and Amazon Echo.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: To avoid investing in a fully wireless speaker system, you can use Bluetooth speakers to play music in multiple rooms. You’ll need to pair each speaker with your smartphone or tablet and manually switch between them to control the music playback.
  • Audio Distribution System: To create a more permanent and high-quality setup, you can install an audio distribution system in your home. This system will allow you to distribute audio signals to multiple rooms using wired or wireless connections. You’ll need to hire a professional to install and set the system up.
Install it today and start experiencing streamlined HD audio anytime.