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With the NetraClouds home theater system, enjoy the cinematic enchantment of music, movies, and TV like never before. This receiver-based, all-in-one system has a glass-topped console, a thin central channel, and small, high-quality speakers that evenly disperse sound about the room. For a high-quality experience, HD and 3D videos are also supported. Enjoy the luxury of cinema from the couch of your home.
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Frequently Asked Questions

SYSTEM A home theater system is a complete audio and video setup that’s designed to enhance your home entertainment experience. Surround sound refers to the specific audio technology used to create a more immersive and realistic sound experience.
SYSTEM SETUP It typically includes a television or a projector, along with speakers, a receiver, and sometimes a DVD/Blu-ray player. It involves positioning multiple speakers around the room to project sound from different directions.
USES This system allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and play video games with better sound and picture quality right in your own living room. This setup enhances the audio effects in movies, music, and games, making it feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.
In simple terms, a home theater system is a complete package that includes audio and video components. At the same time, surround sound is a specific feature of the audio system that makes the sound feel more immersive. So, with a home theater system with surround sound, you get the best of both worlds – great visuals and amazing sound quality! I hope that clears things up for you! Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

Yes, wireless surround sound is an excellent addition to your home theater. Many home theater systems now come with wireless surround sound capabilities. Instead of traditional wired speakers, wireless surround sound systems use wireless technology such as Bluetooth, WiFi, or other proprietary wireless protocols to connect the surround sound speakers to the primary audio source, such as a receiver or soundbar.

Wireless surround sound systems offer the advantage of not having to run wires throughout the room, which can be inconvenient and unsightly. Additionally, wireless systems can be more flexible regarding speaker placement, allowing you to place speakers wherever you want without being limited by the length of speaker cables.

It’s important to note that while wireless surround sound systems are convenient, they can also be susceptible to interference and other issues affecting audio quality. Therefore, choosing a reputable manufacturer and following the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal performance is essential because this makes all the difference.

Yes, wireless surround sound systems use some wires, although the number and type of wires required may vary depending on your specific system.

Firstly, the primary audio source, such as a receiver or soundbar, must still be connected to the TV or other input device via a wired connection such as HDMI or optical cable.

Secondly, most wireless surround sound systems require plug-in power cords for every speaker. While the speakers don’t have to be wired together, they must still be plugged into a power outlet.

Some wireless surround sound systems may also include wireless subwoofers, which still need to be plugged into a power outlet. In some cases, these subwoofers may also have a wireless connection to the primary audio source, while in other cases, they may require a wired connection.

If you want to get surround sound without using any wires, you can consider a few options:
  • Wireless Surround Sound Systems: As discussed earlier, many home theater systems now have wireless surround sound capabilities. These systems use wireless technology such as Bluetooth, WiFi, or other proprietary wireless protocols to connect the surround sound speakers to the primary audio source, such as a receiver or sound bar. While these systems still require power cords for the speakers, they eliminate the need for speaker wires to connect them to the primary audio source.
  • Soundbars with Virtual Surround Sound: Some soundbars simulate surround sound without needing separate surround sound speakers. These soundbars use various audio processing techniques to create a sense of surround sound by bouncing sound waves off the room’s walls. While this isn’t authentic surround sound, it can be a good option for those who want a more immersive audio experience without the hassle of setting up separate speakers.
  • Wireless Speakers: Another option is wireless speakers that connect to your TV or other audio source via Bluetooth or WiFi. While these speakers won’t provide authentic surround sound, you can place them strategically around the room to create a more immersive audio experience.

Modern TVs support various audio output options, including HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel), optical audio output, and Bluetooth. If your TV has one or more of these audio output options, you should be able to connect a wireless surround sound system to your TV.

Suppose your TV doesn’t have any of these above mentioned audio output options. Using a wireless surround sound system with the TV is still possible using an external audio device such as a receiver or sound bar. However, you’ll need to ensure that the external audio device supports wireless connectivity and is compatible with your TV.

It’s also worth noting that some wireless surround sound systems are designed specifically for certain types of TVs or audio devices. Before purchasing a wireless surround sound system, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure it’s compatible with your TV and other devices.