The Black & White of Cutting-Edge Technology in Today’s World

The Black & White of Cutting-Edge Technology in Today’s World

Are you Scared of Cyber Attacks?

Do you think playing is protected by not clicking the links of any of the latest software and hardware sent to you? Or is your goal to play safe with your business & moving at a cautious pace working?

Let us tell you here that you have to catch the pace of tech because with advancements and innovations technology market is moving at a highly rapid pace these days. New software, stacks, hardware, and ideas are born and made so fast that many businesses cannot keep their speed up to the mark and are thus damped. As soon as the cloud was introduced, cloud-native deployments became the most hyped ones in the business market.

Such a crazy level of rapid progress in the field of Technology was scary, and it does make many businesses nervous and question their performance. But they say if the competition & its payoff is worth taking risks — those companies might see the competitors & shareholders taking such risks.

But wait, you must configure if those risks you are willing to take are worth something that would benefit your company. Let’s dive in.

What Does Cutting-Edge Technology Mean?

Leading & growing innovative IT industry is often called “cutting edge.” Cutting edge, also known as “bleeding edge, “is what it sounds like; it refers to something that is the fresh yet worthy, most advanced of its kind. Any technology that has adopted new and updated methods that redefine IT infrastructure and make tasks more accessible than before is cutting-edge Technology. In simpler words, Technology is at the frontier of knowledge.

NetraClos Explains Cutting-Edge Technology

Let’s not confuse cutting-edge Technology with alpha or beta releases. Advanced Technology could be software already out of beta. Cutting-edge Technology, though it has not been thoroughly tested and may be unreliable, exists at the front of desired and most opted. It is often referred to as “game-changing” in any sector. It has been made available to the general public and everyday users of IT and business users but has yet to be appropriately genuinely evaluated by daily users.

At one point, although quite long in the past, AWS cloud, containers, AI, Augmented Reality, and Machine Learning 3D Metal Printing were all bleeding edge technologies. But now, they’re all widely accepted & used by the public & companies are commonplace. New cutting-edge technologies include quantum computing, deep learning, robotics (human-robot collaborative interaction), and neuromorphic-designed chips. And who knows what’s next? Maybe in a few years, all these may be commonplace, just like those mentioned earlier.

But the question is, is this type of Technology, with such risks, a good adaptation for your business (irrespective of company size)?

The Enlightening Pros of Cutting-Edge Technologies

First, let’s see the massive advantages of using cutting-edge technology.

i) Revolutionize your Pipeline

This is probably one of the most significant benefits of adopting cutting-edge technology in your business. The modern business pipeline is totally divergent from what it once used to be. Software and software stacks are now carrying the business process. Any chance a business can bring a swift chance of growth in business & bring it upright in the competition must be taken seriously.

Cutting-edge Technology holds the immense power to make it possible for your business to revolutionize how your pipeline business model functions. You might find that cutting-edge technologies can cater to new features with great advancements in your current pipeline or can even make it possible for you to create a new way of managing your business more efficiently. Such types of revolutionary changes can bring to life the current model of your company in such pleasant ways you might have not imagined before.

ii) Cost Efficiency

Because cutting-edge Technology can not only aid in revolutionizing the business but also make your business pipeline more effective & advance, Thus increased efficiency helps the business to save money & manage better finances. One more important thing to be considered here is that some creators/business owners of cutting edge Technologies offer financial benefits to early birds So, by giving that advanced Technology a go-try, you might get a good offer at a discounted price. It’s also not beyond the possibility that creators/business owners will allow you to serve as a test bench for zero or minimal cost.

However, beyond the idea of getting any tech assistant at a minimal cost, cutting-edge Technology is often developed to make a business process more efficient and effective, equating to bringing up your least limit.

iii) Leave a Better Impression

People get really excited about new Technology. This is true, especially in the case of business vs business. It improves healthy competition. When Company X sees Company Y is testing something new in tech, it triggers positive competition. Your competitors always want to know how the new Technology is benefiting your business. But above all that your company will emerge as a trendsetter or as a leader with Technology in any business market. 

This crown of a leader in the industry cannot be bought. You have to earn this kind of positive repute. Neither can you ignore the great advantages of being seen as a risk-taker and leader in your business industry.

The Undeniable Cons of Cutting-Edge Technology

Now that your brain is emphasizing your thoughts around the unique idea of adopting cutting-edge Technology, let’s blow out this beautiful bubble a little.

i) Things Malfunction

This is one of the major issues in adopting cutting-edge technology. Since cutting-edge technologies are not given enough time to mature & prove themselves, this type of Technology sometimes brings undesirable output which is sometimes harmful to a business. This is something you never want.

Imagine deploying a brand new software stack to your business pipeline, which promises to be the game-changer for your business. At the start of deployment, everything works smoothly and you are carefree like never before but then. out of nowhere, it malfunctioned. Your company’s business processes may or may not jump to a conclusion after this.

Will you be able to digest this shock?

Can you afford such a level of risk in your production lines? We’re uncertain.

ii) Less or No Support

At the same time, when those things start malfunctioning, you’ll probably find there’s less support at hand. There are very few or like none in the market who know how to deal with such a glitch in the system. The company that offered you to be a test bench for its services of cutting-edge Technology might not have enough data or support to take you out of this. And since it’s all new in the market, your partners or other businesses, like you do not have any experience to aid you to deploy and report their issues. That means you are all alone in a big sea with a hole in a boat. No one has any idea to help you out Even If they want to. You not only have no place to turn for assistance, but it’s horrific that the help you may find will not actually be as helpful as you want.

The problems of a trendsetter, remember!

iii) No Future Foresight

This is quite a genuine but underrated issue, That there is no evidence or assurance that any cutting-edge software, you are planning to adopt will see success in the future. You might have a really good experience with it, being a lifesaver for your business, & your company has huge future plans for the future with this new cutting-edge software stack, but within a couple of years of usage, the parent software company could fold or decide to pivot away from what they were initially designed. If this happens, what will happen to your plans with the cutting-edge software stack? Won’t you be standing at the square of 1?


The rewards of cutting-edge Technology are pretty attractive & insightful. But At the same time, the risk factors are rather horrifying. So it’s up to you rather you consider using unproven Technology & be a leader or staying at your own pace and paying securely.

Some businesses play smart & employ cutting-edge technology in their non-production environments as a test trial. This way, your company can foresee the possible advantages & growth without dealing with the high-risk factors on your production side.

Even if your company decides to avoid cutting-edge Technology at this moment, at some point in the future, you’ll probably find it gets used enough and matures to the guaranteed fact that it can be safely deployed in your production environments and assured safe results. So, if now, you don’t want to go ahead with the adoption, we suggest you at least keep an eye out for that cutting-edge Technology that piques your interest.